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How does the design process work?
How much does design cost?

Logically, this is the first question every new client asks. Our answer varies. Graphic design is a problem-solving process and some problems are more complicated than others. In order to give you a bid, we will need the answers to the following questions:

1. What is your project?

2. What is your deadline?

3. Who at your company will be involved in the design & approval process?

4. What is your budget?

Question #4 is often a sticking point, for 2 reasons:

First, new clients with no design buying experience may be unsure of what is an appropriate budget for their project. You don’t have to pin it down exactly, but ask yourself: Can I spend $1000? Can I spend $20,000? Can I spend $100,000? Great design is possible at every level, but just as it would be silly for a tiny start-up to spend millions on a website, a tiny budget may not produce a robust enough solution for bigger companies with big audiences. Knowing what sort of budget you are working with helps us to present you with design solutions that will really work.

The other issue with question #4 is the concern that we will gladly eat up whatever budget is given, with no regard for potential savings. To answer, we refer to our clients. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with people who trust us to do what is in their best interest – a big part of that is being conscious of reasonable expenditures and potential return on their design investment.